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The Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals is a high-tech academic journal authorized by the China Association for Science and Technology, sponsored by The Nonferrous Metals Society of China and published by the Science Press of China. It was started in October 1991. It is published quarterly in 1991-1999, bimonthly in 2000-2003, and monthly from 2004. The Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals promptly reports the new theories, technologies and methods in the field of nonferrous metals science and technology. It includes two main columns: materials science and engineering; mine engineering, metallurgical engineering, and chemistry and chemical engineering of nonferrous metals. In view of total citation number and impact factor, this journal has become one of the most famous scientific and technical journals of China.

Recent Research Most Viewed

Effects of diluents on extraction of rare earth by 3-oxoglutaramide extractants
MA Chen, XU Yuan-lai, MA Chi-yuan, ZHOU Fang, WANG Fen, CHI Ru-an
Effects of grinding on mineral surface properties and flotation behaviors
HUANG Zi-jie, SUN Wei, GAO Zhi-yong
Theoretical model and application of critical blasting vibration velocity for instability of cemented backfill pillar
JIANG Li-chun, SU Yong
Preparation of zeolite from calcium aluminate leaching residues and its adsorption properties for zinc metallurgical wastewater
PENG Ying-lin, LI An, ZHENG Ya-jie
Crystallization behavior of ferrous sulfate at elevated temperatures in aqueous solution system
LIU Hui-yang, DENG Zhi-gan, WEI Chang, LI Xing-bin, WANG Chang-yin, ZENG Tao
Selective pretreatment and vanadium extraction of vanadium-bearing steel slag
GAO Ming-lei, ZHOU Xin, WANG Hai-xu, YANG He, LI Lan-jie, XUE Xiang-xin
Research progress on separation of vanadium and chromium in solution
PENG Xue-feng, ZHANG Yang, ZHENG Shi-li, FAN Bing-qiang, WANG Xiao-jian, QIAO Shan, LIU Feng-qiang
Phase equilibrium model for lead oxygen-enriched side-blown oxidation bath smelting
LIU Yan-ting, YANG Tian-zu, LI Ming-zhou
Thermodynamics study of Al-based high entropy quinary alloys
Zhang Lei, Chen Hong-mei, Tao Xiao-ma, Ouyang Yi-fang
Performance analysis of laser spot welded joint of QBe2.5 beryllium bronze and 20# steel dissimilar materials
XIONG Jian, HUANG Yong-de, LI Lei, SUN Song-wei, HAO Kun
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